Arnold Boukes | Guitar and Vocals

Former Bands
Garage Jam (1999) - Three-headed formation with Debbie Maasdam on guitar, Arnold on guitar & grunts and Jeroen van Hoek on drums. Mostly covering Metallica and Iron Maiden repetoire.

Chalice Of Oblivion (2002) - Gothic formation with soprano vocalist and violinplayer next to Debbie Maasdam and Arnold on guitars. After a change in musical style and formation, Nox Aeterna was formed in december 2003.

Sinchronise (2008 - 2012) - Metalband, mostly influenced by new American death metal. The band dissolved early 2012.

Favourite Musicians
J.F. Dagenais, Alexi Laiho

Favourite Bands
Kataklysm, Amon Amarth, Children Of Bodom, Cradle Of Filth, Insomnium, Kalmah, Norther, Finntroll

Favourite Albums
  1. Of Ghosts And Gods - Kataklysm
  2. Hate Crew Deathroll - Children Of Bodom
  3. ...And Justice For All - Metallica
  4. The Black Waltz - Kalmah
  5. Deceiver Of The Gods - Amon Amarth

Best Songs
  1. Needled 24/7 - Children Of Bodom
  2. They Will Return - Kalmah
  3. Payback - Slayer

Besides Nox
Recording and producing music in my home studio, Studio Nightsin. Writing and producing new music. Firing up the bbq for an all day low-and-slow session. Watching series like Vikings, Homeland and Game Of Thrones.

Jackson Guitars
ENGL/Marshall Amps

Arnold Boukes - Guitar & Vocals

Arnold Boukes - Guitar & Vocals

Arnold Boukes - Guitar & Vocals