2023 | Nox Aeterna Biography
Nox Aeterna is a five-headed melodic death metal band from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Formed in April 2002, starting out as a symphonic rockband, Nox Aeterna has matured into an experienced band with an extensive repertoire and a solid sound. Inspired especially by Scandinavian metal, the band brings their own heavy and melodic sound for almost 20 years now. Nox Aeterna (Eternal Night in Latin) is formed by lead vocalist and guitar player Arnold Boukes, Debbie Maasdam on guitar, Erik de Beijer on bass guitar, Gerard Baai on keys and drummer James Koppelaar.

Our releases

After releasing the albums Unleashed (2004), Immortality (2007), Nightblood (2012) and The Desperation Deal (2015), Nox Aeterna presented their second concept album 'Aurora Borealis' in April 2018. The story takes you on an exciting journey through a cold and treacherous world towards the Northern Lights. The previous album, The Desperation Deal, was their first concept album telling the tale of Einarr dealing with the demonical Raanah who promises him immortality. The band releases all singles and albums independently. Recording, mixing and mastering takes place in their own Studio NightSin. Three brand new singles of the upcoming concept album are released in 2019, 2021 and 2022. The complete album will be released in 2023. Go check them out on your favorite streaming service!

Our live shows

Over the years, Nox Aeterna has played on several stages and in- and outdoor festivals. By attending one of the shows, you can count on a heavy portion of metal, a solid sound and a fair dose of humor. The band has built up a loyal group of followers during their career.

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Arnold Boukes | Guitar & lead vocals
Debbie Maasdam | Guitar & backing vocals
Erik de Beijer | Bass guitar & backing vocals
James Koppelaar | Drums
Gerard Baai | Keys

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Arnold Boukes - Guitar & Vocals

Debbie Maasdam - Guitar

Erik de Beijer - Bass Guitar

Gerard Baai - Synthesizer

James Koppelaar - Drums